We first started with St Andrews in 2018 when Zion was nearly 2. I began looking for kindys and struggled to find one that we were comfortable at. We were recommended St Andrews from another parent. From day one when we walked in, it felt comfortable for both me and the kids, so here we started our kindy journey.

Then a year later came Kora Mae’s turn. From day one, my kids personalities thrived and they were embraced for their uniqueness. Each and every teacher knew and understood each of my kids but not only them, our family as a unit. Due to circumstances after two years, we had a brief time where I needed to enrol the kids at a different kindy, but soon returned because the new centre did not feel like home and it was the best decision; we were welcomed back.

I appreciate the communication, the understanding but most of all the love. For me it was hard returning to full time work away from them, but the Storypark updates mean I don’t miss out on what happens in their day, I get photos and stories.

Any situation we have faced throughout the years has been met with pure kindness and understanding. I send my kids to kindy each day knowing without a doubt that they are well looked after, guided and cherished and that is priceless. I will forever be grateful for our St Andrews family.

Sharing Pita’s Experience with St. Andrews Chilton Kindergarten (March 2021)

This serves to share our experience on Pita’s learning journey with St. Andrews Chilton Kindergarten. As a 3 year old, Pita moved from Fiji to New Zealand in July 2019 and was blessed to join your school. As parents, we felt anxious on the outcome of settling and adapting to a whole new environment that was different from ours in Fiji. Language was one and culture elements which we thought may affect him as Pita was only speaking the Fijian language and did not know English.

However, we were amazed on the changes that took place in the first few weeks when Pita joined and started school. The first impression from the teachers from the first day we walked inside the school seeking for a place for Pita. The excellent customer service and the level of care and trust was overwhelming, and it just makes you feel at home, which we took back at home that day knowing that Pita was going to the best school ever.

The first 2 weeks was challenging as Pita tried to settle down and adapt to the new school environment. These were the only times we could hear him say that he was not willing to go back to school. After a month we could see him change and he was willing and looking forward to school every day up to date. Pita is making a lot of new friends and his friendship has extended to being invited on play dates with some of his friends. 

To all the teachers, we believe your warm and kind-heartedness creates that safe environment that we always look forward to everyday. Your creative programme reflects all your teachers’ passion and hard work where our children nurture a love of learning towards a positive can do attitude. You are always innovative, providing resources such as arts and crafts and the wonderful portfolios for each child with their learning journey in pictures, experiences and more.

Today as we look back and reflect, we thank God for the life of all the teachers at St. Andrews Chilton Kindergarten for their leadership, love, care, trust, kindness, wisdom, understanding, patience knowledge, creativity, passion and skills towards Pita’s nurturing in the last 2 years. We cannot thank you enough on the immense contribution you have done and surely will remain a lifelong impact on Pita’s life journey.

Thank You & God Bless

My son has been at St Andrews Chilton Kindergarten since October 2020 and I could not recommend this kindergarten enough. The teachers are loving and motherly, the children are cherished and respected and the environment is fun and full of enjoyable activities. My son is always eager to go and asks most mornings if it is kindy day as it’s the highlight of his week.

One moment which I think shows the culture is when my son hurt himself and after kindy he told me about it. He said that he fell over, but the teacher gave him a cuddle and a kiss and made his ‘ouchie’ all better. This made me so happy because it is exactly what I do as a mum for him when he is hurt. They treat him so well, give them cuddles when they need it and nurture them.

I love that the kids are able to be kids, to play and learn (even when they don’t realize they are), that the teachers follow the kids cue and lessons come from the children’s natural interests and play. My son has made friends, enjoys a daily hug with the teacher and comes home with his cup full- his social needs met.

St Andrews Chilton Kindergarten has now been a part of my families lives for over 5 years now. My daughter Ava attended for 3 amazing years and now my son Kaiden is going there. I consider the teachers Cathy, Liz, Ashtonne, Michelle and Janine as part of our family as I have complete trust in them that they will look after my children just like family would. It has been incredibly exciting to see my children flourish and learn in a nurturing, motivating and inclusive environment. I can’t thank them all enough for supporting my children’s learning and development in the way that they have.

Thank you

St Andrews Chilton Kindergarten is a fantastic place for children to learn, play and develop.

The staff are kind, nurturing and teach them great values. They have encouraged my daughter’s interest and provide her with opportunities to expand on this through creative play. We have watched her go from a shy/reserved child to a confident and self-assured little girl.

St Andrews Chilton Kindergarten provides a real sense of belonging for the children and families. It is a great place and environment for our daughter to be part of.

My daughter has been attending St Andrew’s Chilton for almost a year now and she still looks forward to and loves “kindy days”. We visited a few times prior to starting, which helped her become familiar to the environment and friendly teachers.

I am very pleased to see and hear regular updates about her from the teachers. They are very encouraging of her interests as well as promoting her independence.

It is a bonus that they are open during the school holidays and have also been very accommodating to our family’s changing needs. We are blessed to be a part of the St Andrew’s Chilton family.