My two boys have really enjoyed their time at St Andrews Chilton Kindergarten, we found the environment to be very caring and nurturing. The experienced teachers create a positive learning environment for young minds. The children are encouraged to express themselves in creative ways and to learn through play. Our family is very grateful for the solid grounding our eldest has received prior to starting primary school this year.

The 5 years our family was a part of St Andrew’s Chilton Kindergarten has been an incredibly special time. Our children have grown in a safe and positive environment and felt a real sense of belonging there. All the teachers have been so involved in the growth of our 3 children and will always hold a special place in our hearts.

“From the moment Caitlin joined Chilton she felt right at home. Caitlin made an incredible amount of good friends, the homely feel helped her to be able to be herself and gain confidence. The teachers were always caring, kind and nurturing towards her and her family. We will always appreciate Chilton! I would recommend Chilton for those parents who favour small, intimate environments for their kids. I would recommend Chilton for parents who seek teacher involvement, I as a parent, always felt part of the Chilton family which made it so easy to chat to teachers. Its incredibly warm and homely!”

“St Andrew’s was recommended to us and it has not disappointed. Both our sons attend and are happy and involved. The staff really care for, not only our children, but our family as a whole. They are understanding of changing circumstances and have gone above and beyond to help. Our boys have a lot of fun and have been able to experience a variety of activities from baking to woodwork. They love the playground with its slide and cool basket swing. The boys get to be creative each day, burn off energy running around or riding bikes, and learn in the process. St Andrew’s has given my kids a stable and fun environment where they are learning and growing.”

“What sets St Andrew’s Chilton Kindergarten apart from other day-care or kindergartens is the staff. The warm and compassionate teachers help make your child feel at home, cared for and safe in their surroundings. The programme reflects the teachers’ passion. The children cultivate a love of learning and a positive can do attitude. I am amazed at the creativity and resourcefulness of the arts and crafts the children make, as well as the teachers providing amazing portfolios for each child – filled with learning stores, pictures, experiences and much more. My child adores kindergarten at St Andrew’s; she is always positive about her days there. If you are looking for quality and a nurturing environment, this kindergarten is for you!”

“Luca loves his time at kindy especially playing with his friends. Luca is constantly learning new things and has so many fun-filled stories to share with the family when he gets home! The teachers are a wonderful support and extend the children’s learning through play in areas such as literacy, maths and social skills.”

“We love St Andrew’s Chilton Kindy because of the lovely teaching team who really care about each unique child and their needs. The kindy has plenty of resources, including a new outdoor playground which all the children clearly adore. We would recommend St Andrew’s Chilton Kindy to anyone wanting the best start for their child.”